Board Game, The Key – Burglary at the Royal Star Casino – Age 10Years+


The Key – Royal Star Casino Burglary – Kids Board Game by HABA.

A severe series of burglaries shakes the Royal Star Casino. How did the three perpetrators get the sensitive data? The players take up the investigative work and combine all the clues to safe numbers, perpetrators, times of the crime and the codes entered. Only the correct number code will bring the burglar back under lock and key. Attention: It is not necessarily the fastest who wins here, but the most efficient investigator genius!
Develop Your Skills: Concentration, Deduction, Attention, Speed
Number of players: 1-4 people
Language: English

Age: 10 to 99 Years


Made in Germany

-Simultaneous deduction game with solo variant
-High replay appeal – every game is different
-Unique solution control with key mechanism

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