Board Game, The Key – Escape from Strongwall Prison – Age 10Years+


The Key – Escape From Strongwall Prison – Kids Board Game by HABA.

-The trickiest case of The Key series for true detective professionals
-Simultaneous deduction game with solo variant
-Extreme replay appeal – due to high standards and possible combinations
-Unique solution control with key mechanism

Spectacular prison break: Three well-known criminals from previous The Key cases are on the run again! How could that happen? The trickiest case of The Key series makes your heads spin, because more than just instinct is required here: It is determined in all directions and all clues to escape types, laundry carts, hiding places and gang affiliations are cleverly combined. The right numerical code or key puts the three dangerous gang bosses back behind bars. Attention: It is not necessarily the fastest who wins here, but the most efficient investigator genius!
Develop Your Skills: Concentration, Deduction, Attention, Speed
Number of players: 1-4 people
Language: English

Age: 10 to 99 Years


Made in Germany

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