Creative Kit Ancient Egypt


Ancient Egypt creative kit by L’atelier Imaginaire. This is a brilliant kit for young artists who love to craft. Are you fascinated by ancient civilisations? How about going on a magical discovery trip to the ancient Egypt with this fantastic creative kit.

With this exciting creative kit, the Atelier Imaginaire takes children back 5,000 years to discover life in the time of the pharaohs.
In the beautifully illustrated exploration booklet, children go in search of the treasures of the pharaohs, relive the story of Tutankhamun’s curse, and discover the secret of embalming mummies.
Bonus: the children will find in the booklet the cartridge of their protective Egyptian god and their story: How Ra the sun god fights Apophis every night, helped by Seth, Bastet and Sobek, how Osiris became the god of the Kingdom of the dead and Isis protector of the living.

With the activity, the children make a box with a secret mechanism in the shape of a beetle, a real lucky charm in the time of the pharaohs.
The wings play the role of the lid and deviate to slip in all its treasures!

Made in France

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