Large Sting Ray Soft Toy


Large sting ray soft toy by Moulin Roty. A beautiful soft toy to discover the marine life. Learn all about this wonderful creature and when you are tired he will double up as a comfy cushion or a sit.

Here are some facts about sting rays for you and your little one to learn:

  • Sting Rays are fish. Even thought they don’t look like ones, they belong to a fish species called elasmobranchs.
  • There are as many as 200 sting ray species in the world.
  • Sting Rays are relatives of sharks! Just like sharks instead of bones, sting rays skeletons are made not of bones but of cartilage.
  • Sting Rays’ fossils record as far back as 150 millions years ago. However their fossils are very rare due to the fact that they do not have bones.
  • Sting Rays don’t all swim the same, some move like birds and others like a wave!
  • Sting Rays love to hide, in fact they are so good that you need to be careful when walking the ocean floor. Their favourite place to hide is on the sandy ocean bed.



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