Our Guide to Maileg Mouse World

The family of Maileg mice is rather large. If you are looking to start your little one on a Maileg mouse and you are new to this wonderful range then you may be unsure where to begin. We have put together a short guide to help you start, covering some questions that we are often asked in store. 

How old should my child be to play with Maileg mouse toy?


Your little ones reach the golden age of imaginative play at around 3 years +. Their motor skills are better developed and they can change mouse’s outfits and play with the miniature furniture and other accessories. 


In terms of safety – all of Maileg toys are tested and approved by 2 main standards: EN-71 Europe and ASTM-F963 for United States. 


Majority of the ‘Mouse In A Matchbox’ and Maileg accessories range will have an age recommendation 3Y+ due to small parts, please check individual toy label however as this may vary.

maileg vintage lantern blue in tent

 One of the reasons why kids love Maileg matchbox mouse range is that they are incredibly similar to our own human families. The mice sleep, eat, dress and change their outfits and take a bath.  They love going on holidays – surfing, sailing, camping. Maileg mice love to celebrate all kinds of things – birthdays, Easter and of course a very special place is reserved for Maileg Christmas… They are keen everyday taskers – groceries shopping, laundry, house cleaning, cooking. They enjoy relaxing on a sofa by a miniature vintage fire place, reading a book by a table lamp – needless to say that Maileg floor lamps work! When the night falls they prepare for bed – brush their teeth, take a bubble bath, slip into PJs, pop their sleeping masks on and off to bed they go. 

As there are so many aspects to cover, we recommend starting with your child’s natural interest. If your child loves the outdoors then the camping range is perfect. Here is our recommended camping starting set:


  •  Maileg Hiker Mouse Big Brother or Hiker Big Sister Mouse. Both come with a sleeping bag, conveniently rolled into a backpack. If possible it is great to get two mice as kids naturally love company and having several mice reinforces friendship concept. This also allows your little ones to create imaginary conversations easily.
  •  Maileg Happy Camper Tent. This tent easily accommodates two to three mice inside. It comes with a large warm blanket, padded floor for extra comfort and a small hook at the top bar so you can hang a Maileg lantern.
  • Vintage Lantern. The lantern switches on and off and you can change the battery when needed. The light is surprisingly strong and feels like pure magic. The vintage miniature lantern is available in 3 colours. Our favourite is petrol blue. 
  • Thermos and cups for two mice. It comes in 2 colours – soft coral and vintage mint. Both are gorgeous. As all of this wonderful range the Maileg thermos is very realistic. 
  • Rubber boat, comes with life west and paddle. This is a great addition to the outdoors story. Perfect size for Maileg Hiker Mice, Maileb Big Brother and Big Sister Mouse. As well as Little Sister and Brother size.

Some other themes to explore: Cooking, Getting Ready, Royal Mice, Ballet, Vacation, Cleaning and Laundry. Below you will see a list of recommended products for a few of these popular categories.



  • Chef Mouse to make the tastiest, cheesiest meals for the entire mice household. Gather an entire family in the kitchen. Mum and Dad mouse, little sister and big brother mice. In this kind of setting kids really enjoy replicating their actual family members. Isn’t it fun to have breakfast all together on a lazy Sunday morning?  
  • Miniature fridge. Available in wood and metal, it truly resembles a real retro refrigerator unit. With 3 frosted shelves that slide in and out and a freezer compartment. Your little one will love helping to unload these miniature groceries.   
  • Miniature Grocery Box, containing all sorts of mice favourite – mayo, milk, honey jar, sausage, 4 ice cream sticks, eggs carton, 2 soda cans, and of course cheese. Here you truly have almost everything. This is a fantastic set to start with. You can always add more produce later on. 
  • Miniature Cooking Set. Miniature metal pans and pot, cooking utensils, even a pasta strainer is included.
  • Miniature Kitchen. This is a stunning metal unit, complete with a sink, oven and a cooker. There are even bread buns and a baking tray in the oven.
  •  Miniature Black Coffee Table. Wooden oval table perfect size for a family of mice to gather around for breakfast. You can put up to 5-6 chairs around it. 
  •  Miniature Vintage Chair with Armrest. This elegant metal chairs fit in perfectly around all Maileg tables. 
  • Miniature Blender. If your family loves smoothies – this is a healthy diet staple. 
  • Miniature Bucket and Mop. Perfect for cleaning up the mess in the kitchen.
  • Miniature tea and biscuits for two. Are you a coffee or tea person? You can brew any kind of magic drink in the enamel metal pot.

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