Puffin soft toy


Puffin Soft Toy by Moulin Roty. Part of Tout Autour du Monde ( All around the world ) collection. This cuddly puffin toy will make a great friend for your little one. Let him take you on the journey of discovering incredible bird species. This puffin teddy is soft and fluffy, his wings and feet and large and floppy. He has sweet rosy cheeks and a rounded yellow beak.

Here are some fun facts about puffins for you and your little ones to discover:

  • Puffins are incredibly skilled pilots, they flap their wings 400 times per minute and can reach speeds of 80km ph.
  • Their beaks change colour through out the year going from pale in winter to very bright in spring
  • Puffins spend most of their lives at sea and they sleep floating on waves
  • They are nick named sea parrots due to their large colourful beaks
  • Puffins are highly intelligent, they are thought to be the only seabird to use tools such as stones and sticks to extract food

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