Award winning marble mouse game with 6 marbles


Award winning Marble mouse with 6 glass marbles game by Naseweiss.

The pack contains a marble mouse, six glass marbles, nine skittles with playing fields and instructions.
This is how the marble mouse works:
Hold the marmot in your hand so that the pestle at the top is pointing forward and you can push it back easily with your index finger. With the other hand, place a glass ball in the hole that has been freed up. As soon as you release the plunger, it catapults the marble forward. You can adjust the speed and distance of the shot by using the ram more or less hard.
Six marbles can be stored in the marble mouse. Fill or empty the mouse through the holes on the top while holding down the plunger.
Awarded the ‘spiel gut’ seal.

Contains: marble mouse, 6 glass marbles, 1 playing field, 9 skittles and instructions.

Dimensions: 125mm 65mm 25mm

Attention: Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Hand-made in Germany, workshops that employee craftsmen with disabilities.

Made in Germany.



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