Wooden Battleship Game


Wooden Battleship Game Set by Small Foot. Who can find the fleet of regatta boats? This strategy game made entirely of wood makes a great impression with its extraordinary design – sophisticated gold accents combined with simple black/white, pastel colours, and lots of natural wood. With its regatta boats, water plumes, and sails, it’s an absolutely stunning interpretation of the classic game “Battleship”! The structure is particularly stable with the magnets integrated into the frame so even if you are travelling you will not lose your pieces and can easily resume game later. Comes with high-quality game box for storage. There’s the starting shot for the regatta! A “thick layer of fog” blocks your view of your opponents game field. Insertable blue plumes of water indicate when a given coordinate is next to or around a boat, and the white sails indicate that a boat has been found. And this is particularly practical: The coordinate boards can be either held individually in your hand or laid within the frame. It’s a compact game that’s ideal when you’re on-the-go or on a trip.

Comes in a beautiful illustrated carton box.

Material: Wood

Dimensions: 33 x 17cm

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