This year our entire team focused on expanding our offering in various areas with toys and activities being one of the key categories. We have truly searched and researched, looking at award winning designs, new concepts, attending workshops and meeting small producers. We carefully checked and verified manufacturers, materials and brands. Our sole objective – to get the best in class toys and activities, ground breaking new products and the most cherished retro classics for your little ones to enjoy and develop with. We are also building a dedicated selection of toys for children with special needs, for example you can now find alphabet for children with sight disability in our store. 

Here is a snippet of a few new treasures that we have found: 

samira boon san kaku mado

San Kaku Mado by SAMIRA BOON, Japan

For young architects we bring you an innovative product from Japan – San Kaku Mado. A playful window mosaic. Arrange and rearrange it into all kids of patterns, images and objects. Due to the adhesive properties of the material they stick on and off easily to the window. Kids are invited to use their own creativity to construct their individual patterns and designs. The material is easy to clean and when washed with soap the vinyl regains its adhesive qualities.

Cardboard Art by CALAFANT, Germany. 

Children grow fast and their interests change even faster    this is simply because their minds develop at incredible speed.  Toys and activities need to adapt and change with them in order to stimulate and encourage their potential. It’s no secret that imagination, play and ability to dream are fundamental parts of a healthy childhood.  Here is something to help take them on their magical journeys to unicorn stables, underwater mermaid kingdoms, medieval castle adventures and pirate fortresses.

The Ultimate Development Activity for Toddlers by BOOBO TOYS, Latvia.

Behold Award winning Busy Cube wooden activity toy by Boobo Toys. This Activity Play-Center helps develop the most important skills in children – fine motor skills that affect the nervous system, vision, attention, memory, and perception. The cube teaches to distinguish between colours, shapes and animals. Encourages use of everyday objects. Develops eye-hand coordination, imagination, perseverance, and subtly introduces the basics of science.


Do you have a little tinker at home or perhaps a future engineer? Explore some of the world’s leading engineering concepts on child friendly scale with Naseweiss toys. The packs contain all the components and detailed instructions for your little one to put these wonder mechanisms together, and apart as many times as they want.

We would like to express our special thanks to you – our loved and cherished customers. Thank you for all your feedback, suggestions and requests! You help and encourage us to make Roly Pony better!